How to play bitcoin slots. Guide for beginners.

How to play bitcoin slots. Guide for beginners.

People come to casinos in search of thrills, in anticipation of a big win and with the desire to return home as a winner. It doesn’t matter whether it is roulette, baccarat or poker – we went through it all! Trust us: if you want to really test yourself – play video slots. You can say that in this area the casino always wins (and in some ways you will be right), but this should not stop you, and we will tell you why. This guide was written especially for those new to the world of bitcoin slots games.

In it, you will find all the basic information: from what paylines are to the concept of volatility in bitcoin slots machines. But do not be lazy to read this article, even if you think that you know everything about bitcoin slots: you will definitely find something new in it.

Bitcoin Slots are our everything! You have to defeat not another player, but us, that is, the casino. No bluff, no fear, just pure risk and excitement. There is a huge variety of different bitcoin slots games to choose from, so you can easily find something to your taste.

General rules

How to play bitcoin slots. Guide for beginners.

As in all other games, the main guarantee of success in a casino is a solid understanding of the rules and mechanics of the game. First, let’s look at the concept of paylines. A payline is a line on the reels, along which winning combinations are formed.

In classic slot machines, it was a line of three identical symbols that were supposed to appear strictly in the center of the reels. However, with the development of video slots, paylines have become more and more sophisticated. Now they are not only horizontal, but also vertical, diagonal, zigzag – it all depends on the particular bitcoin slots game and the number of paylines in it.

First you need to decide how many lines you want to play on. While in simple slot machines you can still find only one payline, in modern bitcoin slots their number can even go up to several hundred.

The object of the game is to collect three or more of the same symbols on one line. Your winnings depend on the specific symbols as well as the size of the bet.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Basic game concepts. Payment table

Before starting the game, you should familiarize yourself with the paytable. It will show you how much you can expect to win for a particular combination of symbols – the amount of the win also depends on the size of the bet.

If you ignore the paytable, you will not know what you can get the maximum win for and what jackpots are available. So, if you want to hit the jackpot, we strongly advise you to first find out how to do it.

Game symbols

If you are going to play video slots, you need to understand the main types of game symbols that can be found in the game:

1. Wild symbols: they replace the standard symbols missing for a winning combination. For example, if four identical symbols and one Wild appear on a line, the latter will allow you to get a win for a line of five such symbols. In addition, the more Wild symbols appear on the reels, the greater the additional reward will be.

2. Expanding Wilds: they perform the same function as regular Wilds. The difference is that they can “expand” to the entire reel, replacing all other symbols, and thus create absolutely incredible combinations that can bring huge winnings!

3. Composite Wilds (Stacked Wilds): resemble expanding Wilds with the only difference that they are composite symbols. They are usually located on several cells of the drum in a row. They can occupy both the entire drum and only its lower or upper part. Like any other Wilds, they can bring good income.

4. Scatter symbols: they are not so common. Additional bonus rounds and bonus games can be activated. Moreover, these are the only symbols that cannot replace Wilds.

Bonus rounds

They are launched after several Scatter symbols or a certain combination of symbols have landed on the game reels. They represent either a round of free spins, or a bonus game in which you have to randomly choose among several positions that hide different rewards. Great opportunity to win big!

Theoretical income of the plater

The player’s theoretical return (Return To Player Rate or RTP) is the most important indicator in video slots. It talks about how much a player can get back from their bets. The higher this indicator, the greater the chance of winning.

For example, if the RTP of the bitcoin slots is 70%, you can expect that from your ten bets of one euro, seven euros will come back.

Bet level

You need to understand well what a bet level is if you want to play bitcoin slots games successfully.

The bet level shows how many coins are wagered on each line. The higher its value, the more not only your bet, but also the possible winnings. So, if you like to take risks, choose a higher level. Moreover, what a passion without a small risk!

Volatility in bitcoin slots games

Volatility determines the ratio of the frequency of winnings to its amount. Do not confuse this concept with the theoretical player’s income. Low volatility bitcoin slots feature frequent wins, but small payouts rarely exceed the stake. These games are good for beginners.

For risky players, there are bitcoin slots with high volatility, which are characterized by rare but significant wins.

Which video slot should you choose? You can lose or hit the jackpot – no one knows the answer. But this is the meaning of gambling!

Main Conclusions

  • Before you start playing in a new video slot for yourself, be sure to understand the possible paylines here.
  • Then read the payout table. If you have come to win, know how to do it!
  • Watch out for Wild symbols as they can replace any other symbol on the reels.
  • Video slots with low volatility are characterized by frequent small wins, with high volatility – huge wins, but the chances of them are much lower.
  • Play smart. If you want to hit the jackpot, stay in the game as long as possible.

Interesting facts about gaming machines

1. The first slot machine appeared in New York in 1891.

2. In 1895, Charles Fi invented Liberty Bell, the first slot with a simple automatic payout mechanism.

3. Japan has more slot machines than any other country in the world. A slot game called Pachinko has been insanely popular among locals for many years.

4. It is believed that in Las Vegas there are about 8 people per slot machine, which is an absolute record for the number of slots per capita.

5. Bitcoin slots make up about 50% of all casino games in the world. Guess why!

6. Slot machines account for about 85% of the total income of an average casino – that’s why.

7. The largest slot machine ever created was called the Super Big Bertha and was 2.5 meters high and 2 meters wide.

8. Slot machines are sometimes called “one-armed bandits”. It is interesting that originally this was the name given to people who themselves tried to cheat slot machines in the early years of their existence. However, over time, this name passed to slots.