Cleopatra Slots is a free online casino that is loaded with the top Egyptian theme slots, but that isn’t all, it’s also loaded with winning bonus monsters, ferocious lions, magical slot machines and even fantasy extras that you simply must see. Spin, wild, re-spin and other slot machines for the richest slot machine fun outside of Las Vegas. The online gaming site has been rated as one of the best casino sites on the web.

Play bitcoin slots

The main claim to fame of this bitcoin slots venue is that it offers the “world’s first full service live internet casino.” In other words, you can play the traditional slots games at this fully automated casino right from your home computer. Plus, the bitcoin slots are “designed to give the most complete experience possible, including live streaming video, high quality music, an attractive interface, and highly detailed bet and pay line information,” according to the casino’s website. This is in addition to the “frenzy” features such as “special Jackpots,” “special bonus levels,” and “free sign up bonuses.” The site also claims that players have “the opportunity to try a wide range of games, including baccarat, blackjack, craps, keno, slots and more.” The casino also claims that its Cleopatra slots feature “an exciting pay structure which pays out small amounts over time but gives big payouts for big winners.”

Cleopatra symbols

However, anyone who’s played any of the Cleopatra slots machines knows that they don’t just stop at winning a few coins, they want more! That’s exactly what this casino has set out to do with its Slots miniature casino. Players who want to win big need to learn how to read the symbols on these lovely little cards. And, while these symbols can be a bit cryptic, many of them have meanings that can help you win big. Here are some of the symbols commonly seen on Cleopatra slots:

o The double T: This symbol, when paired with another symbol, indicates that you have doubled your money. Double-tipping is a popular strategy that enables players to earn even more off of each spin of the Cleopatra slots. The free spin bonus round that is featured on the top portion of each of the machine’s spins pays out a hefty amount of cash. Therefore, if you want to double your money here, you need to find another pair of symbols.

o The lion: Another common symbol found on Cleopatra slots is the lion. This is another strategy that is used in the second version of these gambling machines. The symbols on these slots, however, differ. They are arranged in the same way, however, the “L” and “R” have been switched. You can find a lion in either the top or bottom half of the machine. If you are playing on the lower half of the machine, you will get a much smaller amount when you hit the jackpot.

o The peacock: Like the lion, the peacock is located in the second version of these machines. In this case, you can easily find it in the upper half of the machine. Again, you can double your money with this strategy. The free spins in these machines offer very large payouts, and this strategy often yields a profit for players.

o The crown: This symbol usually appears below the “L” and “R” on the machine. It represents that you are going to win some big money when you play these casino slot games. When playing on the high version of these games, you will find that there are numerous opportunities for you to double your money. On the low settings, free spins do not provide you with such big earnings, and you will not earn anything when you play for five minutes on any of these machines.

Free spin bonus

All in all, you should know that the Cleopatra slots machine has a lot of symbols. You can easily find the symbols that will help you earn more when you play this machine. You can also double your money in just a few minutes of your time when you use the tips mentioned above. Remember that the free spin bonus round is one of the most important factors that contribute to the success of a player when he tries to play these slot machines.